Self Hypnosis Meditation Tapes

Self Healing:
"A Meditation with Colors"

We all have the power to heal ourselves of whatever is wrong with us. No matter what kind of help you seek for illness, stress, emotional upset, or discomfort, it is ultimately what is within you that determines whether or not you get well.
This tape is designed to help you get in touch with your ability to heal yourself. Through a guided relaxation, you go on a journey through your body, infusing the various systems in your body with specific colors associated with well-being and healing. The music is composed to fit exactly with each step on your path to wellness.

Weight Reduction:
"Changing Patterns"

Permanent weight-loss is no mystery; it comes from within. Your own desire to trim down is the most powerful tool toward a new you.
"Changing Patterns" can help you activate your inner ability to change the daily habits that have led you to being overweight. Using progressive relaxation, you are guided through imagery that will help you change how you shop for food, what you eat, and how you feel about normal exercise. Your slim, healthy self is ready to emerge; not through tricky diet plans, but directly from within you.

Smoking Cessation:
"A Journey to Transformation"

In order to quit smoking, you have to want to quit. But sometimes the habit is stronger than the need to give it up.
This tape will help you gain more resolve to transform unhealthy habits to healthy ones. Images of fresh, cool snow and clean air are used to lead you toward caring lovingly for your lungs and your body. That loving care, and your own desire to feel healthy, are the most powerful tools for transformation.

Overcoming Depression:
"The White Light of Hope"

Depression is very common in our stressful, crowded society. Self-acceptance and openness can overcome it.
"The White Light of Hope" is always inside you, and this tape can help you find it and use it. Developed and tested at the East-West Clinic of Minnesota, this guided imagery helps you move with strength toward greater self-love and honesty. It takes you through the garden of your mind, and helps you decide to grow flowers instead of weeds. You are worthwhile, and you have the ability to choose hope over despair.

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