I ask those who urge me to take medication to wait at least until I have regained enough strength and health to enable me to stand the effort and risk. Montaigne

From the unique book titled above: "The Development of Candida albicans from a harmless fungus to a common cause of hospital-acquired infectious disease is frightening. The medical community has pursued advanced technology for sustaining life, including organ transplants, artificial joints, long-term dialysis and chemotherapy. The techniques used in these new technologies enable Candida albicans to invade deep organs," says researcher/nurse practitioner, S. Colet Lahoz. RN, LAc. (It likely is not necessary to be treated radically in a hospital per se to acquire nosocomial-type pathogens. Many surgical and evasive diagnostic procedures are now performed at out-patient medical centers.)

"Unfortunately, a disturbingly large number of patients die with undiagnosed invasive Candida infections . . . Our advanced technology for sustaining life support is predominantly responsible for creating the current reaction of the organisms with the human host," reveals the highly credible, prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. 15

Yet, in the book Lahoz reveals that the "unproven" stance on PCC continues by the medical arena and governmental organizations "even though results of more than 100 studies proving CRC have been presented to them." (CRC, candida related complex, is the same as PCC.) The above acknowledgment indicated that hospitals at least are certainly aware of the peril to patients who are acquiring this fungus (plus deadly resistant bacteria) there.

Then why the denial of PCC by medical and governmental practitioners and organizations? A major reason lies in the fact that CRC is, as Lahoz declares, "a side effect of modern medicine," i.e. resulting from prescriptions for antibiotic, birth control pills, steroids, and invasive procedures.

Though many have reported to us the abuse and questioning of their sanity when they mentioned the "C" word to their medical doctors, a few physicians do treat CRC. Of course, they use drugs and the results are fleeting in the instances of which I am aware.

After years of dealing PCC, I concluded that, in fact, no protocol for PCC (natural or unnatural) will be lasting unless the habitat of candida and other parasites-the lifetime accumulation of encrusted filth in the colon- is cleansed. I saw that not only the systemic and superficial, but the embedded microbes must be exposed to the killing modality of choice, and the mucosa (including the vagina) health restored. I became clear to me that probiotic implanting and a continued whole foods diet is crucial for lasting effects.

Imagine my delight when I learned of the Lahoz four-pronged protocol including all these principles! She has perfected and simplified this effectively with certain supplements mixed together twice daily in eight ounces of water. These are liquid bentonite, caprylic with oleic acids, powdered probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and psyllium husks and seeds. (The inclusion of phyllium seeds along with the husks is important to the success of the program.) This regimen works! (For those without PCC, the colon cleanse alone can do wonders for liver toxicity and overall wellness.)

Lahoz, also an acupuncturist, recommends that modality along with the supplements and diet for the success of the program. Reviewed by Townsend Letters For Doctors (July 1995), the unique book, Conquering Yeast Infections is not a do-it-yourself manual but can be very helpful for those working with a natural practitioner. Contact Hope Alive for your copy.

14 Lahoz, SC. Conquering Yeast Infections, Pentland Press. Inc. 5124 Bur Oak Cr., Raleigh, NC 27612, 1996.
15 Excerpted from Detection of Circulating Candida Enolase by Immunoassay in Patients with Cancer & Invasive Candidiasis. " 324:15:10226-31 as quoted by Lahoz in her book.

* Wellness World

Mar. Apr. 1997
Vol. 3 No. 1 Rev. 3

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