The many uses of DermaSoothe

An antiseptic, disinfectant solution that works against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Use on skin or mucosa to relieve itching, swelling, irritation, or infection: as in acne,
eczema, psoriasis, jock itch, poison ivy, insect bites, vaginal/rectal itching, fissures cracking in palms and feet and warts. May be used as facial skin cleanser to prevent warts and age spots.

On skin rashes: moisten Q tip , cotton ball or gauze and apply to affected area. May be sprayed on skin and let dry. As compress, leave on skin for 20".

Ear Aches: 1-3 drops in each ear twice a day and as needed.

Eye Care: swelling or itching, from allergy or infection: moisten gauze or cotton and apply as compress on eyelids with eyes closed for about 20 minutes. and or use as eye drops 1-2 drops in each eye as often as needed.

Gum care: Moisten tooth brush bristles with DermaSoothe before applying toothpaste. Use twice a day to prevent soft, bloody gums. Use also as compress on swollen gum area.

Sinusitis: Moisten Q tip and apply to nasal mucosa or use as sinus rinse with Neti pot or syringe.

Safe for people of all ages, may also be used on pets. Made from all natural ingredients, non toxic .

Price: $ 15.00 per bottle
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