Conquering Yeast Infections: The Non-Drug Solution for Men and Women, by S. Colet Lahoz.*


Reviewed by Sonya Weir

     Nearly twenty years ago, a discovery was made by an allergist in Alabama that would gradually shed light on many unexplained illnesses. He concluded that a connection existed between clinical depression and a yeast organism known as Candida albicans. By the early 80's, other physicians interested in chronic illness and allergies began to look at yeast's relationship to disease and at the end of the decade the medical community was split between those who believed in the condition known as systemic candidiasis (or CRC) and those who did not. Not surprisingly, the believers consisted primarily of alternative medical practitioners.

     As a registered nurse, author S. Colet Lahoz had become aware of the controversy and misunderstandings surrounding yeast infections. As part of her research for the book, sixty people were studied for a two-year period. Men, women, and children, now fully recovered from CRC, share their stories. The book also contains a self-administered questionnaire to evaluate symptoms which may point to the presence of CRC. Six in-depth case studies are provided, in her patients' own words, describing their experience and subsequent treatment. A licensed acupuncturist, Lahoz has operated a holistic clinic since 1984 and throughout the book, offers a host of naturopathic treatment programs including acupuncture, colon cleansing, essential oils, and herbs. The roles of diet, exercise, medication, minerals and vitamins, and food combinations are also examined. Outlined are foods to be avoided and those which prove beneficial along with recipes. Conquering Yeast Infections is a comprehensive resource for anyone experiencing the debilitating effects of a most insidious condition. East-West Clinic Publications, 1996

*Published on September, 1999 on the Common Ground Resource Directory, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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