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Complete Line of Candida Products As Recommended By Colet Lahoz in Her Book

Phase 1 products

Attogram products

Caprol ($ 31). Use phase one product for one to three months, if still symptomatic

Bentonite ($ 19.00). Continue with phase 2 of your cleansing program.

Psyllium ($ 26.00). Mixing instructions are found on page 76

Acidophilus ($ 13.00).

Phase 2 products

Grapefruit Seed Extract in liquid form ($ 12.00 - one month supply). Take for one to three months. Instructions for use on page 141.

Phase 3 products

Kolorex ($ 50.00 -  two month supply). Instructions on page 141.

Primal Defense ($ 33.00). Take 1 to 2 twice a day between meals . (HSO)

Phase 4 products

Olive Leaf Extract (SOLE) ($ 21.50). Take one twice a day and combine with Primal Defense. Use for one to three months.

Phase 5 products

Triple Yeast Defense ($ 16.00). Take one twice a day , combine with Primal Defense 1 to 3 months.

Some people need to cycle through all five phases for a few months to a few years depending on the severity and resiliency of the yeast overgrowth.

Other products you may need

Oxycleanse ($ 18.00). A gentle but effective laxative for constipation. Take 2 to 6 per day between meals.

Vein Lite ($ 40.00). Oral Chelation agent for people with no half moons on their fingers except the thumb, and teeth indentation on the borders of the tongue. This means you have poor coronary artery flow and are at high risk for strokes and heart attacks. Vein Lite will clear your arteries from plaque build up and can also leach out mercury, lead and other metals. One may need to use this product for at least 6 months or until the half moon re appear and your tongue looks normal again.

DermaSoothe ($ 15.00). The best solution for skin problems, itching, mucosal swelling, gum disease prevention and treatment etc. Page 143 has more information.

Clear. (Trade mark for a parasite cleanse. $ 75.00 - three month supply). You will need to stay on it for 3 months to be effective.

Absorbaid ($ 15.00 - 90 capsules). Take two with each meal. Most Candida patients have problems digesting and absorbing nutrients, this will help with digestion.

Stress-Ease Rub ($ 11.00).  A cooling, warming liniment for painful muscles and joint.

Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc ($ 5.00 - 100 tabs). 1 to 3 tabs per day.

C complex 1000 mg ($ 13.00). One a day or 4 every 4 hours if suffering congestion.

Vit. E 1000 IU ($ 13.00). Take one a day.

Multilogics ($ 20.00 - 60 caplets). One a day multivitamin with B complex.

Glucosamine sulfate ($ 23.00 - 90 capsules). Combine this with MSM 2 of each twice day for acute pain in joints and muscles. For milder conditions take one of each three times a day.

MSM ($ 9.00 - 90 caps).

Choline with Inositol  ($ 25.00).

CoEnzyme Q 10 60 mg ($ 30.00 - 60 caps). A strong immune system booster. I also recommend it for children who have recurrent colds and ear infections. One per day with food or drink. Take Capsule apart and use the powder.

EFA Complex ($ 8.00 - 60 caps). Needed specially by people with hypertension and high cholesterol. This formula combines fish oils with Flaxseed and Borago seeds.

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