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Update For The 5th Printing, September 2001

Since this book's first printing in August 1996, I have learned a few more things and would like to share them with my readers. I have now treated over 1000 patients using the program described in this book and I have a 97% success rate. It takes as few as three months to stabilize people who suffer mild to moderate, short-term candidiasis. Children also respond to this therapy in a shorter time. Patients who have severe, long term candida infection may take one to three years to get well. The anti- fungals have to be rotated because fungi are pleomorphic organisms. They can change forms in order to survive. Pleomorphism differs form mutation in that they can switch back and forth to the various forms in their species whereas with mutation, organisms change and stay in that new form. Therefore when treating candidiasis one has to use various types of anti fungals. I am suggesting these 5 types described here because in my clinical trials they proved most effective compared to others.

Recommended anti fungals and their rotation sequence

I recommend a rotation cycle of three months on one antifungal for the first 15 months thereafter, if still needed a monthly cycle is suggested. Even though we know that fungi are pleomorphic we are not certain how fast they actually change. Farmers who use fungicides with their crops rotate weekly. I would not recommend this for humans because the die-off would be severe and not tolerated well. The one to three month rotations has worked well in my clinical trials and the high success rate supports its efficacy.

Phase 1. First 3 months. Capryllic acid (Caprol or Caproil ) combined with liquid Bentonite, Psyllium powder and form of probiotic like acidophilus is the best initial cleanse. The Attogram brand appears to be superior to other brands in effectiveness as well as ease of mixing without getting too thick or lumpy. Mixing instructions are found on page 77. Using an anti fungal without the other ingredients poses high possibility for intense die off.

Phase 2. Fourth to sixth months. Use Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) in liquid form. I chose GSE because it is another potent broad-spectrum fungicide. This is combined with the other ingredients in phase one and replaces Capryllic acid. It comes in labels such as ProSeed or Citricidal . Innovite in Canada or in the USA, Imhotep Inc. and A Whole Approach market this product.

Dosage: To minimize die off, start with 5 drops the first week, 10 drops the second and 15 by drops the 3rd week. If after phase 1 you are 80 % improved, you may take this mix once a day, otherwise stay with the twice a day schedule.

Phase 3. Seventh to nineth months. The combination of two capsules, Pseudowintera Colorata 350 mg. and Anise Seeds 450 mg. was discovered in the 1980's by researchers in New Zealand and found be powerful antifungal agents the active ingredients in these plants are known as polygodial and anethole . Forest Herbs of New Zealand who manufacture these unique products claim that combining the two ingredients increased their effectiveness 32 times. Their action compares favorably with the pharmaceutical antifungal known as Amphotericin B. Kolorex is the Brand name I recommend. Ordering information is found on the last page of this book

Dosage: One Horopito capsule with one Anise Seed capsule once a day with food. (As a precaution , do not take when you are pregnant.) Take both products with acidophilus or the new probiotics known as HSOs or soil based beneficial bacteria. Soil based organisms are more resilient than acidophilus. They can survive in higher temperature and need not be refrigerated, they also withstand a high acidic ph in the GI tract, therefore giving them the strength and viability not found in acidophilus types probiotics. They are more expensive but may be worth the extra expense.

I recommend the brand Primal Defense by Garden of Life laboratories.

Dosage: One tablet in the morning along with the Kolorex capsule and one in PM by itself.

What are probiotics. This term refers to products that contain friendly bacteria necessary for proper digestion . they comes in labels such as acidophilus, DDS acidophilus, Multidophilus, Bifidus and the HSOs such as Primal Defense. They work by competing with harmful bacteria , fungus and parasites present in the intestinal tract, and they attach to receptors sites, colonize and multiply in the gastro intestinal tract pushing away the harmful organisms. (* The products Caprol, Bentonite and Psyllium are manufactured by Attogram Corp. Distributors may refer to these products as Candida Purge and in Canada, Innovite Inc. markets them as Yeast Busters.)

Taking the Kolorex and Probiotics with food will allow for absorption into the blood stream, hence cleansing other organs such as the liver, the lungs and other organs and systems that may be harboring candida toxins or the candida itself. I chose not to use these products as an initial cleanse because the die off may be severe.

Note: Kolorex is one of the most effective way to detoxify other organs and systems not accomplished by the liquid mixes, therefore it is important to use this product to compliment the intestinal cleansing achieved by the previous regimens. For example, in situations where patients only need short-term detoxification as in mild situations, use phase 1 followed by phase 3, (kolorex.) and then you are ready to use maintenance therapy just using one tablet Primal Defense twice a day.

Phase 4. Tenth to twelfth month: Use Olive Leaf Extract. (Active ingredient is oleuropein). The brand I use is Olivir distributed by Da Vinci Laboratories. It is 100% natural and is anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial with added benefit of being an immune system builder. It works by stimulating your body's protective cells (phagocytes) to ingest foreign matter. Studies show that this compound has the ability to penetrate infected host cells and irreversibly inhibit viral replication

Dosage: Take one (500 mg ) tablet one tablet daily the first week and increase one tablet per week up to four tablets a day. Stay with this dosage for three months. Take it with food and take it with the probiotics. The Olive Leaf Extract has only been available since 1995. Yet the clinical research is impressive.

Phase 5. Thirteenth to Fifteenth months. ProSeed Triple Yeast Defense a formula that combines 3 powerful natural ingredients in a unique effective formula: Pau D' Arco 300mg, Calcium Undecylenate 100 mg. and 40 mg. Citricidal . Undecylenate is an antifungal derived from castor oil, along with Pau D' Arco provide two new forms of antifungals not used in previous rotations that are likely to kill fungal varieties not killed by the ones used in earlier months. This Product is a brand name used by Imhotep, Inc. from Ruby, N.Y . USA.

Dosage: Take two, twice a day with food and one tablet Primal defense. Undecylenate is an antifungal derived from castor oil, along with Pau D' Arco provide two new forms of antifungals not used in previous rotations that are likely to kill fungal varieties not killed by the ones used in earlier months. This Product is a brand name used by Imhotep, Inc. from Ruby, N .Y . USA.

Note: Variations of the above sequence may be done according to your experience. For example, there are patients who claim that the best cleansing they experienced was with phase I, the Attogram products, and may do a rotation wherein they go back to phase I every other time. Example: Phase I followed by Phase II and back to Phase I before using Phase III etc. until symptoms are felt to be under control.

Bothered by persistent intestinal pain and bloating indigestion or malabsorption?

Try supplementing with your diet with plant enzymes. Absorbaid is 100% plant enzymes and helps digest all food groups. Stomach acids do not destroy it . Research done at the Mayo Clinic has shown Absorbaid to increase absorption up to 71%. It is not a drug and is safe for children as well as for nursing women. It even helps colicky infants.

Another important dietary suggestion is to soak not only beans but also grains such as rice overnight before cooking. Soaking breaks down phytic acid that causes gassiness, and somehow it makes food more delicious. I have tried this method and the difference in taste is remarkable.

Duration Of Time You May Need To Be On Anti fungals

If you were diagnosed right away and had mild symptoms to begin with, you probably needed only three months to get over your symptoms, you need not proceed to phase 2. You may just need 2 tablets of probiotics daily as maintenance. The best preventive maintenance regimen is staying with the diet, fruits in limited quantities may be tolerable. Keep the Attogram products on hand in case of recurrence. If after a few months of being without symptoms, you feel that you have a recurrence of overgrowth, get back to using the Caprol Mix for 2 to 4 weeks and get back to a stricter diet until symptoms clear .

On the other hand if you were diagnosed late and have been symptomatic for many years before you started this program you may need to stay on the rotation program at least a year or even more. After completing phase V, you may go back to phase 1 and start all over again following a monthly rotation this time around.

Parasite Cleanse

A gastro intestinal system weakened by candida overgrowth is prone to parasite infestation. (microscopic types such as amoeba, protozoa etc. as well as flat worms and round worms.) A parasite cleanse can be incorporated at phases 3 or 4. Brand names such as Clear, Paragone, Paradex or Purge may be used. The Attogram products used in phase 1 also eliminate parasites. I have many patients reporting this occurrence while on this mix.

Liver Cleanse

As long as you are cleansing your colon, you might as well cleanse the liver too. This is especially beneficial for people whose liver channel as assessed by an acupuncturist is either energy deficient or chronically in yin or yang imbalance. People who have been on prescription medications for many years as well as those with history of drug or alcohol abuse could use a liver cleanse. Detoxifying this organ will strengthens your immune system and allows other organs to function optimally without the added stress.

1 whole fresh lemon (if using a blender use chopped lemon including seeds and pulp, without a blender, just use the juice.) I tbsp. extra virgin Olive oil, cold pressed. ( Caprol may be used instead of Olive oil ) Sweetener like Stevia or Vegetable Glycerin. Mix all above ingredients in a blender, strain, add hot water if desired. Drink this once a day the first week and once a week for a month and as needed over the years. You may want to do a periodic liver cleanse specially when you routinely take prescription or non-prescription chemical drugs.

Skin care

A high percentage of CRC patients suffer chronic, persistent skin problems. I have tried many existing skin products but decided to mix my own formula using my own understanding of the special needs of CRC patients. I call this product DermaSoothe. It combines 4 ingredients I
have found to be beneficial for skin health: Willard Water, Tea Tree Oil, Grapefruit seed extract and DMSO. Combining these ingredients seem to work better than using each one individually.

This can be applied directly on the skin or as a compress on the affected area for 20 min. It is excellent for Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, styes in the eyelids and other fungal or bacterial rashes. It may be used as ear drops for ear infections ( 2 to 3 drops twice a day or as needed.) Patients with sinusitis use it as nasal swab applied nasally with a Q-tip. It is great as a compress for healing rectal fissures, and for rectal and vaginal itching and swelling. For gums that are soft and prone to bleeding, use this to moisten your tooth brush before you apply the toothpaste.

I am sharing this information because my patients who have regained their skin health with this solution after having used many expensive items that did not work, have urged me to do so.

Assessing your progress

I do not recommend laboratory tests for either diagnosis or follow up on the success of the program because of the high rate of inaccurate reports. I find a lot of laboratory reports to be false negatives. Instead I use clinical symptoms as my indicators.

I would recommend that you fill out the questionnaire found on pp. 23 to 30 in this book. Get a baseline score before you start your program and retake the test every three months.


June, 2001 score 315
September, 2001 score 275
December, 2001 score 150
March, 2002 score 50 or less

Happy new life!!

Since 1992 when I begun specializing on the diagnosis and treatment of CRC, I decided to use the Candida diagnostic questionnaires ( on pp.21 to 30 ) on all patients presenting with chronic, persistent problems who are not responding to other forms of therapy. What I found out is that up to 80% have fungal overgrowth and finally get well when they use the candida program described in this book. These conditions include:

*Multiple sclerosis
*Systemic lupus
*MSA or Shy-Drager Syndrome
*Chronic fatigue
*Chron's disease, colitis, diverticulitis, IBS
*Anxiety, panic episodes
*Environmental Illness, Multi chemical sensitivity (MCS), allergies, food allergies.
*Rheumatoid arthritis, osteo arthritis
*Endometriosis, PMS, infertility
*Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne and other persistent skin conditions including cracking and
oozing in the palms and feet.

I encourage everyone with these illnesses to fill out the questionnaires in this book and if you score high to find a knowledgeable practitioner to get you started on the Candida program described in this book. I wish you and yours God's blessings as you journey toward wellness.

Colet Lahoz. September 2001

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