Weight Loss Through Acupuncture

A successful weight loss program involves many things, eating less portions, eating the right foods, regular exercise, and eating for the right reasons and not because of stress or boredom. This is where acupuncture helps in a way that other programs cannot.

Research as well as our own clinical trials here at the East West Clinic has demonstrated that placing tiny needles in specific part of the auricle  known as the external ear can bring about the following changes:
  1. It reduces the size of the stomach, without surgery. With a series of treatments the size of that pouch we call the stomach gradually shrinks and if you do not over eat, it will stay small. With a smaller size, you get hungry less often and you get fuller faster. So take advantage of this and eat less often and smaller portions.
  2. Acupuncture can stabilize your emotions so that if depression or anxiety is a factor in over eating, it can help reduce this tendency.
  3. It increases your stamina and energy level so you can be more motivated to exercise.
What does the program involve?

Treatments are given once a week for 12 weeks; each treatment session takes about 30 to 45 minutes.  Depending on how many pounds you need to lose, it may take longer than 12 weeks.  After you reach your desired weight, a monthly visit may be needed to help you maintain your weight loss.  Aim to lose 1.5 to 2 lbs. per week.

Little pellets are placed in the ears between visits; these acupressure pellets allow you to massage the specific point in the ear lobe to bring about the appetite suppression effect. These pellets are changed once a week during your visit.

Diet, exercise and colon cleanses may be recommended as needed for your particular situation.

Herbal supplements for weight loss may be needed in extreme obesity.

Changes in life style and habits are necessary to stay slim. These treatments make it easier to stay slim because  there are physiological effects that help you. For example: not being hungry, having more energy and feeling fuller faster.

What is the cost?
The first visit is $ 90.00 and subsequent visits are $ 70.00 It is possible to lose about 24 lbs. within the first 3 months.
Compare this cost  ($ 860.00 )  to the thousands of  dollars and the inconvenience of  surgery that other weight loss   programs entail.

Before and after pictures of previous patients who have gone through this program are available for your perusal. These patients are also happy to answer your questions.

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