Acupuncture For Overactive Bladder

A study done by Sandra Emmons, MD and Lesley Otto, MD found that acupuncture treatments improved urge incontinence and bladder overactivity .

At present western medical doctors treat frequent urination and urge incontinence with medication and or physical or behavioral therapy or surgery. Less than 1/5 of patients continue to take the drug Oxybutynin  after  6 months because of side effects. These side effects include tachycardia, palpitations, drowsiness, dizziness, hallucinations, rash, nausea and or vomiting.

Each of the 85 women in the acupuncture study urinated more than 8 times a day and had urgency and or incontinence at least twice during a 3 day period. Those with blood in their urine or untreated bladder infection were excluded. They randomly assigned women into 2 groups. One group received the treatments on acupuncture points expected to improve bladder function. Those in the placebo group got treatment designed only to relax the patient.

Findings: The number of incontinent episodes  declined significantly in both groups: 59% for the treatment group and 49% for the placebo group. The group receiving the appropriate  treatment also improved in bladder capacity, urgency.  Frequency of urination declined 14%.

At the East West Clinic you will receive treatments from experienced professionals who have treated overactive bladder successfully long before the study mentioned above was published.

Procedure: You will need an average of 10 to 12  treatments . Some patients find improvement sooner.  After the desired results are achieved, a monthly visit is suggested  for at least six months to make sure the results are holding. After that, return “ booster” visits may  be scheduled only as needed. Side benefits include: feeling more energy, better sleep, improvement in any low back or knee pain that may have existed before the treatments.

Cost: The first visit which include evaluation and your first treatment cost $ 90.00 Subsequesnt visits cost $70.00

If you achieve success sooner that the 12 treatments, the cost will be less. You will be evaluated once a week during the scheduled visits. You will be asked to keep a journal monitoring your bladder function.

For more information call : 651 429 9595 or 651 636 6200

Reference: Emmons, Sandra MDand Otto,Lesley MD. Acupuncture for Overactive Bladder. Obstetrics and Gynecology July 2005

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